Parallel Audio Helix 158x Medium PA (Package – 150W)

    Parallel Audio Helix 158x Medium PA (Package – 150W)


    Helix 158x, 150 watt (100 watt RMS) 8″ full range, portable PA system with built-in Bluetooth/SD/USB Player Recorder. Package includes wireless handheld mic.


    Helix 158x, 150 watt (100 watt RMS) 8″ full range, portable PA system with built-in Bluetooth/SD/USB Player Recorder. Package includes wireless handheld mic.


    Helix 158x – 150 Watt Wireless Portable PA System

    • Includes Class-D digital power amplifier delivering 100W to the internal 8” full range speaker and 100W to an external speaker.
    • 2 power modes: Internal Rechargeable battery & DC jack.
    • All-in-one! Easy to operate in both indoors and outdoors
    • Bluetooth receiver/Digital music player with recorder included.
    • Up to 6 hours with Lead-Acid battery.
    • User friendly battery compartment design for simple battery replacement.
    • High efficiency system; compact cabinet and efficient 8” full range speaker for live performance.
    • Up to 2 diversity receiver modules with 100 selectable frequencies in each system (optional).
    • Automatic Digital limiter with 6 LED indicators prevents output distortion.
    • 2-band equaliser, BASS/TREBLE and MASTER volume control.
    • AUX OUT (6.3mm jack) for external audio recording.
    • LINE IN (3.5mm jack) with individual volume control.
    • MICROPHONE 1 and 2 are XLR/6.3mm combo jack connectors
      for wired microphone inputs with individual volume control and a MIC/LINE level switch.
    • REVERB control for wired and wireless microphones.
    • AUX OUT (6.3mm jack) and SPEAKER OUT (6.3mm jack) for external passive speakers.
    • Smart charging circuit with 4-step LED battery indicators and charging LED.
    • Dust cover included.
    • Tripod stand mountable with HX-ST.

    Handheld Wireless Transmitter

    • Multi-function LCD display for channel/frequency, battery level indicator, Alkaline/NiMH battery selection.
    • Patented IrDA technology for 2-way data transfer between transmitter
      and receiver.
    • Hidden antenna.
    • Detachable microphone capsule design. Selection of either Dynamic
      or Condenser.
    • Handling noise free with dynamic microphone capsule
    • Rugged metallic housing design.
    • Uses 2 x AA batteries to operate.
    • Long operating hour up to 16 hours.
    • Matching battery charger: HC2.


    Wireless Portable Sound System

    • Output power: 150W (Class-D)
    • Speaker system: 8” full range
    • Audio input: Mic in x 2 (COMBO), Line in (3.5mm)
    • Audio output: Aux out, External speaker
    • T.H.D.: < 0.5%
    • Frequency response: 50Hz-20KHz±3dB
    • Antenna: Built-in
    • Power supply: 100-240V AC / 30-32V DC, 4A
    • Battery type: Lead-Acid
    • Battery specifications: 12V, 5Ah
    • Battery quantity: 2
    • Battery Indicator: 4 LED indicators
    • Operating time: 5-6 hrs in music, >10 hrs in speech
    • Charging time: about 6 hrs
    • Dimensions (mm): 424 (H) x 290 (W) x 250 (D)
    • Weight (kg): 10.8

    Handheld Mic

    • Frequency range: UHF 520-675MHz (3 available bands)
    • Switching bandwidth: 25MHz
    • Switchable frequency: 100
    • 2-way synchronisation: Yes
    • Spurious emission: > 60dB below carrier
    • Dynamic range: > 110dB
    • Display screen: LCD
    • T.H.D.: < 0.5%
    • Peak deviation: ±40KHz
    • Antenna: Built-in
    • Battery type: AA x 2
    • Operating life (Alkaline): 16 hrs
    • Charging function: Yes
    • Battery charger: HC2
    • Microphone capsule: Dynamic (condenser type available)
    • Dimensions (mm): Ø53 x 256
    • Weight (g): 298


    Helix 158 Data Sheet

    Helix 158 Manual